Church Alive DeepSouth Summit Highlights

Sharing Christian Science With Others Through Healing

Read a good book? Seen a good movie? We all want to tell our friends about it! It’s even better with Christian Science! Lively, Fun and engaging panel discussion shows you just how natural it is to share Christian Science with your friends and colleagues.

Bob Clark, Debbie Chew, John Lang, & Stormy Falso

Conversation With Mary baker Eddy

A keynote presentation by Chet Manchester and Ann Early

Church Fellowship: A Loving Church is a Healing Church

The Parable of the Red Flags by Rob Van Der Like

What is the “spiritual attitude” that will draw men unto us? does the Matthew code hold any clues? How can a more spiritual view of The Manual give us a deeper understanding of its requirements? Some Lessons from a church membership that has recently rewritten their bylaws are provided.

Ret 88:24
SH 264:13-15
Mis 223:24
Webster’s Dictionary, definition of “attitude”
Manual, Article XI complaints
Science and Health reference on “standpoint”, “view” or “base”
Matthew 18:15-17
Matthew 5:21-25
Matthew 7:3-5

Church the Expression of Truth and Love Demonstrated by Nancy Hoppel

Mary Baker Eddy wanted her church built on the rock of Truth and Love — a spiritual foundation built on the outward demonstrations of all who declare themselves members. This talk looks at how to build a Church that is inspirational, rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle. And once built how to govern and maintain such a place by living the two Commandments Jesus thought most important.

SH 583:12-19
Mark 12″29-31
I Corinthians 13:4-8
Matt 5:16,44,45
Acts 8:26-40
Acts 10:1-48
Acts 7:33
Mary Baker Eddy: Her Spiritual Footsteps
We Knew Mary Baker Eddy Expanded Edition Volume 1: pg 72-76

A Church Clad in the Panoply of Love by Amy Lang

Our Leader gave us guidance on the importance of collectively maintaining an armor of loving thought. three main opposites of spiritual love are considered – personal sense (extremes of adoration and hatred), fear and apathy – for we must open our eyes to any of these influences attempting to subtly enter thought with the purpose to paralyze our healing work in our church.

SH 456:32-2
Man 51:7
SH 102:31-2
Mark 3:35
SH 571:18-19
My 210:7-9
Ret 64:24
Matt 25:14-30
SH 79:31-32
Man 40:4
Daniel 3
SH 493:5-11
Matt 18:19-20
SH 493:5-11
Mis 100: 26-27
My 154:27
Mis 355-359
Gen 1:2-3

Mary Baker Eddy and the Living Church by Leslie Pitss, Journal, Jun 2011

No, We’re Not a Cult! And Yes, We’re Christian

An Ecumenical Workshop with Shirley Paulson, Chet Manchester & Juli Vice


Services Alive & Livelier

Presentation by John Holland & Cynthia Barnett

With an expectancy of “simple seekers for Truth” at every service, two experienced Readers conduct a “mini” Sunday service with a focus on making the newcomer feel more welcomed, comfortable, and loved. With fresh ideas for transitions and other possibilities to “rouse the dormant understanding” — even of long time members — come listen and then share your feedback and own examples.

Church Services that Attract, Inspire and Heal

Presentation by Kitt Wittich, Carolyn Worsham & Kevin Reeder