What Christian Scientists Believe

Christian Scientists believe in one, infinite God who is All and all good. They believe that God is not distant and unknowable, but that God is all-encompassing and always present, and that each individual is loved by God, cared for by Him, and made in God’s image, spiritual not material. Christian Scientists believe in the Bible and in Christ Jesus as the Son of God, or promised Messiah. And they believe that Jesus’ teachings and healing work expressed scientific Christianity, or the application of the laws of God – laws which are still practical and provable today, by anyone, anywhere.

Christian Scientists consider the Commandments, as well as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, to be central to their lives and practice of Christianity. Above all, Christian Scientists believe in the saving, healing power of God’s love, that no one is beyond redemption, that no problem is too entrenched or overwhelming to be addressed and healed. In other words, Christian Scientists don’t believe that salvation occurs at some point in the future, but that the presence of God’s goodness can be experienced here and now and by everyone. Christian Science is shared in churches world-wide.

Further information about Christian Science can be gained from: christianscience.com
The Holy Bible and Science & Health with Key to the Scriptures


The pastor of this Church is two books: The Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. In church services and meetings in Christian Science branch churches throughout the world, democratically elected lay members of the congregation read aloud from the pastor. The sermon they read on Sundays is a Bible Lesson, a compilation of texts from the Bible and Science and Health on a particular topic that Christian Scientists around the world study throughout the week preceding the Sunday service.

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Sunday services and Wednesday meetings

At a Sunday church service there is music, singing, scriptural readings, prayer, and a sermon based on a weekly Bible Lesson. The service is conducted by two lay Readers. At a Wednesday testimony meeting, readings from the Bible and Science and Health will be related to a theme and selected to comfort, inspire, and heal. You’ll also hear people share insights, experiences, and healings they have had as a result of their prayers and their study of Christian Science.

Sunday School

If you’re under 20, Sunday School is about discovering how spirituality is relevant in your life—how it fits into every day and shows up in everything you love to do. It’s an environment where teens, youth, kids, and infants can feel totally supported and loved. You can find healing and ask even the hardest questions as you’re figuring out how to apply Bible- based, spiritual truths to your own experiences. It’s a chance to talk with peers under the age of 20 and look for meaningful answers to all the things that might come up in conversation and life.

Child Care

Infants and children too young for Sunday School or Wednesday meetings will be cared for in an atmosphere of love and joy.